GRIMM wishes you a kickass new year!


GRIMM wants to wish all of you a happy new year! Everyone, from random curious passerby, regular visitor of our site and events, fellow music lover, band member, partner,… we hope that 2019 was good for you and 2020 will be even better!

Again, we have to say that 2019 has been a way bigger year than we thought it would be at the start of it. We’ve soared to new heights and had to cope with real lows. But all-in-all, this year was yet again a major step forward in our activities on as good as all levels. We’ve opened up new opportunities at new locations, with new partners and new additions to the team throughout 2019.

Some of our heights that we will remember for a long time still on the level of events have to be Six Feet Under nearly destroying Asgaard, booking an impressive bill headed by Swallow The Sun, the acoustic nights where pure magic was created at Amuz with Austin Lunn (Panopticon), Andrew Marshall (Saor), Don Anderson (Khorada/Sculptured/ex-Agalloch), Aerial Ruin and Kathrine Shepard (Sylvaine) and of course both Blaze Bayley & Luke Appleton for an exclusive show at Asgaard and the first edition of our brand new synthwave, industrial, goth,… project Generator! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for new events in 2020, there are some real doozies announced already:

This year also marked the expansion of our real-life Pick Your Poison activities. Starting with a simple column in which we tasted and tested the quality of metal related drinks, going to making our first GRIMM beer to this year actually participating at a proper craftbeer festival in our hometown with a metal themed Pick Your Poison bar (that included our 2nd GRIMM beer Skadi)! Expect more of this in the coming year!

Also the website has been expanding constantly with hundreds of shows we attended all over the world, meeting great artists, judging new releases as just as possible,… We try to support everyone from bands to fans to labels and organizations and feel like our work is never done!

In 2020 we will continue our fight to bring you the best we can on all levels and people are working hard to take things to the next level yet again! With the website we are planning great things to celebrate our 5th year of full operation and our real-life events will blow you off your feet again for sure! No rest for the wicked!

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That brings us to the same end of this writing as every year… to accomplish all our dreams and goals in everything we do with GRIMM, we need you! Yes… you! Do you want to help in volunteering for our events and other activities? Or do you want to contribute to our website? You’re passionate for alternative music? Do you want to learn certain skills? Accomplish certain goals? Be part of an awesome community? Don’t be afraid to contact us to see where you could help out, no matter where you’re from! You will meet awesome people (including bands), get to know really good music and have loads of fun along the way. Hope to see you soon!

Thanks again for any support you may already have given and lets kick some serious ass in 2020!

The GRIMM team

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