After announcing Amon Amarth for their 2021 edition, the organization of Dynamo Metalfest hasn’t slowed down one bit. In the mean time they’ve confirmed 6 more bands and are now very excited to share them wit hthe world. Because those bands are not the smallest of names!

Sacred Reich is of course a guest they welcome back in Eindhoven and now, since their 2016 festival show, they’re returning. Clutch was a name that they had on their wish list for quite a while and now they finally managed to get them to get to Eindhoven. With their irresistible grooves now one will be able to stand still during their show.

Municipal Waste didn’t grace the DMF stage before, but the Iron Reagan show where MW vocalist Tony is a member of, was motivation enough to immediately say “yes” to the question if he’d want to come back with Municipal Waste to thrash up the place! And they continue to pound with The Black Dahlia Murder. Vocalist Trevor is someone who controls a crowd like it’s nothing and their slamming death metal is live solid as a house. Craziness guaranteed!

Unleash The Archers isn’t an unknown band anymore, but has just started to conquer the hearts of every single metal lover. With their modern form of epic heavy metal, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. The gentlemen of Rings Of Saturn tap from the same barrel of a modern sound but tend to go a bit more extreme. If you for some reason wouldn’t be awake yet when they play, you’ll definitely be after you’ve seen them. Consider yourself warned!

Besides these six additions you of course get way more at Dynamo Metalfest. On both days, plenty of bands will be playing with a filled program every day. At this point the following bands are confirmed already: Amon AmarthHeaven Shall Burn, Bay Area Interthrashional, Candlemass, Jinjer, Firewind and Dress The Dead. Of course more names will be added still. Keep your eyes on their socials and our site for more news!


Did you buy a Dynamo Metalfest 2020 ticket? Then you should’ve received an email already from Ticketmaster. In that email your options are being explained. It comes down to the following:

Combi ticket 2020: Despite the fact that the combi tickets in 2021 will be pricier, the earlier bought 2020 tickets will be valid for 2021. You don’t have to do anything.

Ticket for vrijdag 2020: In 2021 they don’t have a Friday. You’ll get your money back automatically on your bank account. Now you can buy a brand new ticket for Dynamo Metalfest 2021 with the returned money! They’d love to see you back next year!

Ticket for zaterdag 2020: You had a Saturday ticket for 2020? That will automatically be transferred into a combi ticket so you can go to Dynamo Metalfest for 2 days for the same money. You don’t have to do anything for this at the moment, you’ll receive an email about this in the nearby future.

VIP & Goldcard ticket: Same as the combi tickets, they remain valid for 2021. 

If you really can’t go to the festival in 2021, you can request a voucher or restitution via Ticketmaster for your bought 2020 ticket. You can also donate your ticket instead. The Dynamo Metalfest organization will be super happy with that and it’ll help them to get through the corona crisis a bit easier.


Combi ticket: 65 euro (starting from January 1st 2021: 79 euro)
Saturday 21 August 2021: 39 euro (starting from January 1st 2021: 49 euro)
Sunday 22 August 2021: 39 euro (starting from January 1st 2021: 49 euro)

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