News Posts

Dynamo Metalfest is looking ahead and hoping for 2021 to be a better year and announces 6 more bands for their line-up!

An early Christmas gift from Brutal Assault with the 4th load of names for the 2020 edition!

Out of nowhere, Graspop just dropped 74 new names for their 25th edition.

Sacred Reich welcomes back their long lost son back behind the drums!

Thrashers rejoice! Eighties Thrash Metal band “Sacred Reich” has been added to the lineup of Alcatraz 2019!

Photo Reports

The last day of a long and exhausting weekend of great music and atmosphere with on the main stage shows from Sacred Reich, Bleed From Within, Blind Guardian, Killswitch Engage and of course, the party that was Electric Callboy!

Festival Reports

The third and last day of the excellent Alcatraz fesival brought us even more top bands like Meshuggah, Voivod and Powerwolf.