Henget sign to Season of Mist


Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of HENGET! The Finnish avant-garde outfit, containing members of KING SATAN and THE ABBEY will release their debut album via Season of Mist in 2023!

The cornerstone of HENGET is lain in the soil of black metal, yet as well their music draws heavy influence from their peers of death metal, psychedelia and progressive rock, notably including such bands as ARCTURUS, DODHEIMSGÅRD, BEHEMOTH and KING CRIMSON. A constellation of musical perspectives combined to earn HENGET a description by some as “Behemoth on mushrooms”.

HENGET comment on the signing:

It is such an honour to form another circle in Season of Mist’s ever-growing spiral! We are truly thankful for their support and understanding of our artistic visions. Viva Henget & Season of Mist, viva North Star!

HENGET is a Finnish psychedelic/avant-garde black metal band founded in Finland during late 2021 by guitarist-songwriter Jesse J. Heikkinen and vocalist-lyricist King Aleijster de Satan. Their goal was to create something unique and artistic, something beautiful yet violent, inspired by the world of psychedelia and the occult. HENGET‘s debut album ‘Beyond North Star’ was recorded between Late 2021 and early 2022. Drawing inspiration from the ways of ancient Shamanism, it depicts a violent hallucinatory journey to the depths of the mind and beyond. ‘Beyond North Star’ was written and composed through old esoteric techniques such as automatic writing, all combined in visionary experimental artistry.

Line up: 
King Aleijster de Satan: Vocals
Jesse J. Heikkinen: Guitars & additional keys
Lasse J. Launimaa: Keyboards
Pálmi R. Jóhannsson: Bass guitar
Ville J. Rissanen: Drums

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