Twelve Foot Ninja’s “Monsoon” European tour starts this Saturday!


Twelve Foot Ninja will be back in Europe kicking off with a headline slot at Euroblast Festival in Cologne before taking on sixteen shows across Germany, The Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, and the Ukraine. This will be the first time Twelve Foot Ninja have toured anywhere in Eastern Europe.

Lead singer Kin Etik says,

We had a blast last time we played Europe. This time we’re going to cities we’ve never been to so we’re extra pumped“.

Guitarist Stevic MacKay provided a characteristically unexpected response:

I did a DNA test to uncover my unknown lineage once. Unrelated, a reiki master from up north told me I was an alien…I questioned her credibility as she lacked teeth and appeared to be on drugs, but on reflection she probably wasn’t a reiki master at all, just some weird old lady sneezing all over me. The DNA test confirmed Lithuanian heritage. Alien, Lithuanian, Australian…all sounds pretty bloody similar when you’ve got no fuckn teeth – maybe I misheard. Either way, I’m keen to return to the place of my origin. I’m expecting everyone to look exactly like me in a ‘Come to Daddy’ Aphex Twin vibe. If I see Rubber Johnny though I’m bloody out of there! Or…maybe we’d go get coffee or some delicious regional market foods”.

Sep 30  EUROBLAST Festival – Cologne, Germany
Oct 01   Sputnik Café – Münster, Germany
Oct 03   Melkweg – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 04   Doornroosje – Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Oct 05   F-HAUS – Jena, Germany
Oct 06   Crash – Freiburg, Germany
Oct 08   Dynamo Werk 21 – Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 09   Nachtleben – Frankfurt, Germany
Oct 10   Logo – Hamburg, Germany
Oct 11   Musik & Frieden – Berlin, Germany
Oct 13   Fontaine Palace – Liepaja, Latvia
Oct 14   Rock River Club – Vilnius, Lithuania
Oct 17   Tavastia – Helsinki, Finland
Oct 18   Volta – Moscow, Russia
Oct 19   Zal Ozhidaniya Club – St.Petersburg, Russia
Oct 21   Sentrum – Kiev, Ukraine