Legendary US metal cult band Ruthless reveals new single and lyric video ‘The Fallen’


The name RUTHLESS in itself means “without mercy.” Since the early 1980’s, lead by vocalist Sammy DeJohn, the band has stayed true to its style of metal, from the classic first EP “Metal Without Mercy” (1984) and the debut cult album “Discipline Of Steel” (1986), to the current albums “They Rise” (2015)” and “Evil Within” (2019), they’ve never wavered on the power of bands like JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT and BLACK SABBATH, always staying true to their roots.

With the mind blowing opening and title-track “The Fallen“, Los Angeles based cult metal act RUTHLESS unleash their third and new single today. The song is a true headbanger hymn, talking about fallen war heroes. Traditional 80s US metal at its best!

“The Fallen” is available on CD, two limited vinyl editions (300 copies each) in dark orange & bloody red, as well as along with an exclusive logo bundle shirt at the Atomic Fire Records webshop, and digital. “You can expect it to be very powerful with a throwback to the early days of the band. This album will give you everything Ruthless”, comments Sammy DeJohn, who founded the band in 1982.

Order: https://lnk.to/RuthlessTheFallen

01. The Fallen
02. Dark Passenger
03. Betrayal
04. No Mercy
05. Dead Fall
06. End Times
07. Soldiers Of Steel
08. Thulsa Doom
09. Order Of The Dragon
10. Live To Die

RUTHLESS has shown glimpses of the future as well as back to the beginning and offers a strong album with tons of highlights, produced by Bart Gabriel (CIRITH UNGOL, RIOT CITY, HEXX a.o.). With this line-up of original vocalist, Sammy DeJohn (1982 to present), drummer, Bob Guitrau (1986-2012 and 2021 to present), bass player, Sandy K. Vasquez (since 2016) and guitarist, Glen Paul (since 2021), RUTHLESS is ready to thrash the world once again!

Sammy DeJohn – Vocals
Glen Paul – Guitar
Sandy K. Vasquez – Bass
Bob Guitrau – Drums

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