New force of black metal DÆMONESQ unleashes blistering video from upcoming debut!


While German up-and-coming black metal force DÆMONESQ is currently gearing up for the release of their debut EP, The Beauty of Letting Go (February 25th), the band has just unleashed a brand new video clip for their blistering single “Allure And Grandeur”!

Ever since their formation in 2020, the female fronted extreme metal congregation rises to conquer the male dominated realms of metal, guiding you down the path of sweet pain on your way through the valley of the shadow of death. Vocalist Rægina explains:

“‘Allure and grandeur’ is a prayer to the goddess of destruction and renewal by a person that struggles with stigmata causing her to withdraw into an inner exile.”

By means of this prayer she reminds herself of what she believes in, summons her inner strength, and reignites the rage providing the vitality to fight back”. 

Watch the new DÆMONESQ video for “Allure And Grandeur” HERE:

The Beauty of Letting Go will be independently released by the band on February 25, 2022, and available as a limited edition – hand numbered and signed by the band – only at:

EP Tracklist:
01. The Beauty of Letting Go
02. Allure and Grandeur
03. Battleaxe
04. Displaced

RÆGINA: vocals, content writing
X: guitar, videography
HELL-G: guitar, content writing
Asmoth: bass, graphic design, web presence
Corny Rambado: drums, production


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