Lokerse Feesten 2023: Metal Day (06/08/2023)

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Ten days of Lokerse Feesten, with a different theme and music genre every day, and as usual the first Sunday of this long feast of musical delights was dedicated to metal.

Sadly, due to bad weather, Stake was cancelled on the main stage. This meant Hammok opened not only Club Stubru, but also this festival day. Everybody was already wet from the rain and after the energy of this Norwegian trio they were all soaked in sweat too. The wind had died down, while the rain persisted, but that didn’t stop Biohazard to make everybody jump around at the main stage.

Back inside, Doodseskader took us down into their dark world and showed how much noise you can make with just two gifted musicians on bass and drums. Outside Bullet For My Valentine gave us a mix of metalcore and emotional groovy metal with a really great live performance. And the ground in Lokeren shook when Psychonaut played their set.

As expected, a lot of people came for the guitar madness of thrash legends Megadeth, and they weren’t disappointed. On the other hand, Slift‘s psychedelic drone ripping through the basement is something you have to experience to understand.

The most spectacular show of the day was (of course) given to us by Within Temptation. Everything they do is just next level. Stake was supposed to open on the main stage, but due to bad weather they were rescheduled to close Club Stubru. Not only did they suddenly close the stage, they just broke down the venue.

The big audience wasn’t ready for Amenra; a bunch of people left before the show and a lot of people were talking during the show.  Too bad. For those listening, Amenra was again able to immerse them with their unique and mesmerizing show.

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