Tuska 2019 – Afterparties (28-30/6/2019)

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Tuska 2019 was a blast again. For those who weren’t satisfied enough yet by what took place during the day at the main event, every night there were several afterparties in the city center of Helsinki. At Virgin Oil Co on Friday and Saturday you could find some of Finland’s best metal and rock bands that are up-and-coming while there were DJ’s at On The Rocks. On Sunday, Virgin Oil Co didn’t get an afterparty, but On The Rocks hosted a showcase of modern Finnish hard rock! Check out the pics of some of the bands of those parties:

Afterparty Day 1 (28/6/2019)

At Virgin Oil Co. with Misterer and Oceanhoarse:

Afterparty Day 3 (30/6/2019)

At On The Rocks with Dirt and Shiraz Lane:

For the full report of these nights, go here!

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