Polish black metal quartet Arkona to release “Age Of Capricorn” album via Debemur Morti Productions


Debemur Morti Productions presents Age Of Capricorn, the seventh studio full-length from one of Polish black metal act, ARKONA. Announcing the devastating new album for December release, the lead single “Alone Among Wolves” has been issued alongside the cover art, track listing, preorders, and more.

Formed in 1993, ARKONA is one of the fore-running and lead black metal acts to come from Poland, the band continually ascending to the next level with every album. The band now delivers the follow-up to their 2016-released Debemur Morti debut Lunaris with the frighteningly focused Age Of Capricorn, a razorwire blast of mesmerizing intensity. The band’s emphatic seventh album builds a new world from their distinctive sonic elements: nihilistic rage, strident power, masterfully integrated filmic orchestration, and vicious slabs of whiteout riffing where emotive melodies are beaten into corruption.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Impressive Art Studio, Age Of Capricorn is blessed with a crisp production that foregrounds a jackhammer relentlessness of near-industrial proportions, leaving the listener gasping for air as they are bludgeoned into inverted cathedrals of sound. ARKONA is where the lightless spirits of second and third wave black metal assume modern form in an all too relatable maelstrom of degradation and disquiet, alienation and anger, hypnosis and horror. The album is completed with cover art and layout by Church Of Chaos Multimedia. Fans of Kriegsmaschine, Dark Funeral, Blaze Of Perdition, Aosoth, and Inferno, take note of ARKONA.

Age Of Capricorn will see release through Debemur Morti Productions on digipak CD, gatefold 12″ LP, a special edition gatefold 12″ LP limited to 100 copies, and all digital platforms on December 13th. Find preorders at Bandcamp HERE, the North American webshop HERE, and European webshop HERE.

Following intense touring surrounding their prior album, which saw them supporting the likes of Marduk, Batushka, and others, ARKONA is currently plotting new tour dates to support Age Of Capricorn. The band is confirmed to play Metalowa Wigilia 2019 alongside Sólstafir, Primordial, Carpathian Forest, and more on December 21st, and has already started confirming tour dates for the new year including Under The Black Sun Festival 2020 with Naglfar, Mystifier, Endezzma, and others on July 2nd. Watch for updates to post in the months ahead.

Khorzon – guitars, samples, vocals
Nechrist – guitars
Drac – bass, vocals
Zaala – drums

Age Of Capricorn Track Listing:
1. Stellar Inferno
2. Alone Among Wolves
3. Age Of Capricorn
4. Deathskull Mystherium
5. Towards The Dark
6. Grand Manifest Of Death


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