Ponte Del Diavolo sign to Season of Mist


Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of Italian doom/black outfit PONTE DEL DIAVOLO!

PONTE DEL DIAVOLO comment on the signing:

“We are honoured and proud to join the Season of mist family. Three years from the start of this adventure we have closed a trilogy of EPs that was well received beyond our expectations and gave us a lot of satisfactions. We are determined to keep our musical concept with real demonic connotations, in the purest and freest sense of the term. On our first record you will hear something new, authentic, and truly profound.”

PONTE DEL DIAVOLO was born in Turin in the winter of 2020. The band proposes a Doom/Black metal sound with old school roots blended with a modern and outside of the box background. The female voice, with strong dark wave influences, is the lyric corpus of this heavily esoteric influenced project. The solid presence of two basses creates the massive foundation for the rhythmic guitar while everything is marked by a raw and dynamic drumming. This odd and rare combination builds the unique atmosphere of PONTE DEL DIAVOLO.

In February 2023 the band started the recordings of the first full length album which will be released by Season of Mist.

Nerium: Guitar
Segale cornuta: Drum
Abro: Bass
Laurus: Bass
Erba del Diavolo: Vocals

18 Mar 23 Torino (IT) Bunker (Burning Tower Feast)
10 Apr 23 Treviso (IT) Maximum Festival
10 Jun 23 Vicenza (IT) Revolution Live Club (+Gaerea)
11 Jun 23 Torino (IT) Ziggy Club (+Gaerea)

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