Possessed – Revelations of Oblivion

It was back in 1983 when Jeff Becerra of Possessed coined the term death metal. With this statement from the front man of the first death metal band, we can finally end the debate of who founded this underground metal genre. Now after 33 years Possessed are back with a brand new album titled Revelations of Oblivion. Possessed may not be as brutal as other death metal acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Immolation or Deicide. Yet the band has obtained the dynamics and the agility of thrash metal combining them with the old school vitality of death metal. Some bands may have gotten old by time but Possessed seems to be more powerful than ever. Fronted by vocalist Jeff Becerra, Emilio Marquez of Coffin Texts on drums, Daniel Gonzalez of Gruesome, Create A Kill on guitars, and Robert Cardenas on bass guitar and finally Claudeous Creamer on guitars. There is no doubt that the new tracks are exerted by loud and explosive energy.

After a short cinematic horror intro the album starts at full intensity, No More Room in Hell is an aggressive track charged by fast tempo of dual guitar riffage and shredding solos. Jeff Becerra vocals are evil and angry and the vocals sound exactly like the 1984 classic album Seven Churches. Possessed is a band which has a lot of potential and on the new album they prove how they can still compose tons of refreshing riffs. The second track Dominion is more diversified, the vocals here sound wicked. The sharp quality of the riffs demonstrates the perfect tonality of death and thrash metal. The album consists of many onslaught killer riffs and fast chaotic solos and they’re quite solid, energized and brutal.

The drums are never at ease acting as a heavy artillery, while the intense solos are fired rapidly. Possessed absolutely nails every riff after another, there is a consistent dynamism within the tracks. Demon continues in the same vein of the previous track, as you can hear the raw tonality of old school thrash metal on this track. The clear influences from both genres are deeply infused within the band’s musical structure. The solos have the old school patterns of thrash metal and they’re charged by violent guitar riffs. 

Possessed retains the flow of concentration on each track, and its clear that the band has taken a big step when it comes to songwriting and overall execution. Abandoned is extended to five minutes of raging death and thrash metal. Rapid drumming are being pounded by furious energy, Revelations of Oblivion reminds me of the good old days of extreme metal. The guitars have great technical scales and the raw direction of old school death metal and thrash metal have that brutal tone, which makes each track on the album quite irresistible. There is an incredible amount of chaotic solos which are perfectly installed on the sixth track.

Persistently and exclusively Shadowcult pursues the raw and aggressive heavy riffs of death metal. There are some killer and brutal drumming on this track, backed by the demonic harsh vocals. Possessed still have the old mentality of how to approach to their music, and the band has made sure to combine all the brutal riffs to achieve the 80’s raw sound. Not many bands have the capability to address their music with such power and aggression. The eight track Omen offers some a distinctive quality while it’s not very different from the overall sound. This track comes as a perfect mid tempo and a change of direction to bring some variations to the album.

Possessed have established their own spectra of death metal, their music draws a thin line between death and thrash metal. Revelations of Oblivion has some technical parts and it’s unbelievable how the band can still write some killer tracks after such a long period of time. The efficiency of the members being a part in other bands like Gruesome and Coffin Texts is one of the major successes of this album. Ritual has that primitive twist and the guitars are launched by sick heavy riffs and rough vocal chords. The unrefined and crude manner of the vocals are unrivaled gives a great impetus to overall sound. The barrage of the aggressive guitars continues to spry on the tenth track The Word, where the band channels the early aggression of 80’s thrash metal. 

Revelations of Oblivion is an original album taunted by the old school methods, and the embodiment of the traditional metal on this album cannot be matched by contemporary bands. The album closes on high dynamic track, Graven which is the eleventh track presents the band’s signature sound with aggression. The track progresses to crunchy death metal riffs and effective guitar solos. There is so much to say about this legendary band which has been a big influence to many other bands. But for now let’s enjoy this album and play it loud as hell!! 

Release Date: May 10th, 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast
Track list:

  1. Chant of Oblivion
  2. No More Room in Hell
  3. Dominion
  4. Damned
  5. Demon
  6. Abandoned
  7. Shadowcult
  8. Omen
  9. Ritual
  10. The Word
  11. Graven
  12. Temple of Samael


  • Music10
  • Lyrics/Vocals10
  • Production9
  • Artwork8
  • Originality10
  • 9.4


    'Revelations of Oblivion' is an original album taunted by the old school methods, and the embodiment of the traditional metal on this new album by Possessed cannot be matched by contemporary bands.

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