PREMIERE: Get thrashing with Intoxicate and their brand new video!

Intoxicate: a thrash metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden that was one of the first bands of that genre in that area back when they started in 1988. They only released a handful of demos and are now back since 2014 to unleash their fast & melodic brand of thrash upon the world. Now they are gearing up to release their first full-length record ‘Cross Contamination‘, out digitally on October 11th via Downfall Records!

The album will consist of 8 tracks of blistering thrash and was mixed by Anders Backelin (ex-Lord Belial) and mastered by Andy LaRoque. Cover art by Raimo K. and layout by Daniel T.

Intoxicate are back stronger than ever and in anticipation of their upcoming release, they treat us with a first song and attached lyric video for ‘Retention Rumba‘ in premiere right here: ​ 

​Digital out: 11/10/2019
​CD out: TBA!​


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