Swarf Damage unleash a ‘4 Minute Warning’ in anticipation of their debut album

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Erupting out of the superficial tranquility of their Isle Of Man home, Swarf Damage have crawled from the wreckage of their creation, cradling in their scarred arms an anti-personnel device of a debut album, loaded with confrontational vocals, skin-flaying guitars, belligerent rhythms and enough attitude to decimate a continent. Punk, hardcore and thrash metal smashed together into a crossover grenade that’s poised on the very edge of detonation and stamped with the mark of Swarf Damage, a brand you ignore at your peril. This one is going to hurt…

Raised on a diet of Discharge and D.R.I. in an unforgiving world that they refused accept, it was only a matter of time until Swarf Damage channelled their defiance and frustration into a cathartic explosion of weaponised riffs. Over the course of their five year existence they have honed their destructive powers on stage, earning a reputation as a formidable live proposition and the essence of those incendiary shows has been captured in the eight songs which make up the Swarf Damage, self titled debut album. Each track is bristling with barely contained violence, yet delivered with an unquestionable focus and precision. Each cracking drum beat lands exactly where intended – straight between the eyes. With viciously catchy hooks, infectious choruses, searing solos and riffs that hit you right in the gut, every song on Swarf Damage is a pit-making machine. The words are spat out like bullets, with a raw, bloody clarity and the music is the perfect embodiment of that message of resistance. When the pressures of life threaten to explode within your skull, Swarf Damage are the cure – stress relief with nail bomb intensity!

Producer Simon Harvey, known for his seven string skills with fellow Isle Of Man band Aeons, has given Swarf Damage the perfect sound, allowing the guitar solos to tear through the mix, letting each vitriolic syllable be heard, while retaining a sonic impact like a brick to the face. Completing this package of good, friendly violent fun is the powerful artwork of Manx artist Anna Clucas, who has moulded the Swarf Damage philosophy into one striking, emblematic design. Together – songs, sound, words and image – have forged an album of pitted, rusted but unbreakable steel. Pre-orders for the CD edition of Swarf Damage are open now, ready for its December 8th release. Prepare yourselves for the incoming assault and consider this your final warning!

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