News Posts

Discover the noise rock of Fvzz Popvli’s upcoming new album “Magna Fvzz” in full already here!

A 10 minute prog doom track that’ll ask your time to digest, check it out!

Finnish underground’s best-kept secrets, Goats of Doom is announcing their upcoming new album Rukous with a lyric video!

Wormholedeath signs another promising band to its stall! Check it out!

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra is releasing one last album soon via Svart Records!

Owl Company gives you a taste of their upcoming album full of melodic rock with a first single!

The Mexican natives of Tezcatlipoca are unleashing the powers of their ancestors onto you yet again in the nearby future!

Modern metal sensation Amaranthe is back to conquer the world with their upcoming album “Helix”!

Shining made a complete turn musically and deliver some catchy rocking stuff!

Belgian stoner rock outfit Black Mirrors is coming to get you! With their debut full-length and a tour throughout Europe!