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Ukrainian black metal project Drudkh unveiled the new track ‘November’ and announced the upcoming new album ‘All Belong to the Night’ to be released in November via Season of Mist!

Ukrainian black metal outfit Drudkh releases the new single “The Nocturnal One” as a sign of resistance against what is going on in their country.

Drudkh stream their complete new album ‘They Often See Dreams About The Spring’, check it out here!

Third month of the year, March holds some really promising releases… get ready for this!

The Ukrainian atmospheric black metal masters of Drudkh are back, bringing darkness and pure black metal poetry to your ears and minds…

Album Reviews

Roman Saenko’s musical art has brought Drudkh to the forefront of the black metal genre, the new album “All Belong To The Night” crafts beautiful and mesmeric musical landscapes offering a fresh take on atmospheric black metal and standing as one of the band’s best albums.

If the music of Drudkh defines the dark and atmospheric melancholic style of black metal then Hate of Forest is exactly the opposite.

‘Wreathed in Mourncloud’ is structured upon flowing musical ingredients that make this album more like a theme. The melodies that the duo applies, flow endlessly, but they’re more of the slow-burning kind.

Ygg effectively weaves the melodies of folk and the triumphant themes of paganism.

If you consider yourself a fan of Drudkh then you shouldn’t think twice about picking up this compilation, A Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian is Drudkh’s tour de force.

Drudkh’s vast experience in creating melancholic songs is measured by musical literacy.


7 epic singles again selected by us of last week with Psychonaut, Before The Dawn, Black Mirrors, Wednesday 13, Sowulo, Ciemra and Skyforger! Highly recommended to check them out if you haven’t yet!