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Metalcore legends Killswitch Engage share the live video of them performing ‘Vide Infra’ at The Palladium, part of their upcoming live CD!

To celebrate the release of their sophomore album ‘Songs of Loss and Separation’, Times of Grace share the video for ‘Mend You’!

Times of Grace finally release a new track from their much anticipated second album ‘Songs of Loss and Separation’, a dark and melodic track that is absolutely captivating!

Machine Head releases a 2-track single, born from the recent events in the USA, with Jesse Leach featured on one of the tracks!

Out of nowhere, Graspop just dropped 74 new names for their 25th edition.

Howard Jones is back under a whole new light with Devil You Know transitioning to Light the Torch!

Album Reviews

The recording of Killswitch Engage’s epic pandemic era live stream, ‘Live at the Paladium’ out via Metal Blade, is a masterclass in banging tracks and killer metalcore, both of modern times and from back in the day!

Does your week start on Monday or Sunday? Know what it’s like to experience that the other way around? Listen to All That Remains’ new album and you might experience a similar feel!

Cane Hill was almost “Too Far Gone”, but they managed to get their stuff in order and delivered a great piece of raw and focused modern metal!

The Godfathers of metalcore are here to claim their undisputed throne!


2019 is another year filled to the brim with amazing music. Here are my absolute favorites.

After endless debating the list is done with one clear winner!


Out of the over 100 bands coming to Graspop 2018, we made our own little pick of what bands you really have to go check out in our humble opinion!