News Posts

German black forest metallers Finsterforst are back in full force and in all seriousness!

The masters of the power metal universe are back with their very first single! Gloryhammer rules!

The Swedish vikings are here to unleash war upon thee! Check out the first track!

Supreme doom trio Conan unleash a first track from their upcoming new album! War snails!

John Garcia has to cancel his earlier announced European tour, but no worries: he’s still coming!

The German heavy metal legends Grave Digger announce more details of their upcoming new album “The Living Dead”!

Wolfheart gets recognition for their talent and get signed to one of the major metal labels: Napalm Records!

A music video that goes along perfectly with “Doctor Rockter”, go check it out!

The stoner/sludge rockers are on their way back to rock you to hell with a raw proto-punk kick back to the past!

The Dutch folk metal heroes are back and ready for some serious battle! New album coming in the beginning of next year and coming to a stage near you soon as well…

Album Reviews

The UK barbaric trio Conan takes you on a deadly trip with their latest release of the legendary “Caveman Battle Doom”…

The thrash metal killing machine from Brazil is back and they’re ready for the “Downfall of Mankind”! Get crushed by another brutal release from Nervosa!

Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen: nothing`s off limits for Welsh ragga rock / metal pioneers Skindred and their seventh album Big Tings! Roaring and pounding, big sounding, groovy as hell !!!

Protector and Silenius are back with Summoning to be the voice of the dark side of Tolkien’s Middle Earth on “With Doom We Come!”

The ship has docked and Alestorm has returned! So fill your tankards and tag along for some mighty pirate adventures, for there is no grave but the sea!