News Posts

Belgian melodic rock unit Cellar Twins celebrate the upcoming re-release of ‘Duality’ with a new music video. Check our ‘Millenium’.

To celebrate their signing to Rise Records, Bloodbather re-released single and video for “End”!

Aephanemer got signed to Napalm Records to spread their fresh and modern sounding melodic death metal all over the world!

Teleport is ready to blow your mind and expand your being… Check it out!

Some doomy and gloomy rock/metal coming your way from Portland with Idle Hands!

Pure Noise Records signs yet another bombshell of a hardcore act! Left Behind joins the team…

Album Reviews

I went through, listened to and reviewed the newest release from Black Veil Brides. Here’s the re-make you didn’t know you needed!

Skraeckoedlan’s reissue of Äppelträdet, for those of you who like heavy riffs that will take you on an intergalactic expedition, and grooves so deep they could rearrange tectonic plates.

Danish collective Heilung is best described as an evil union between the Dutch practitioners of pagan, Omnia and the Scandinavian Wardruna, they are neither as gung-ho fun as the former nor as deadly serious as the latter.

Thyrane blasts you back to the past with this remastering from the 1998 original.