Pure Noise Records has signed West Virginia’s brooding hardcore band Left Behind


Pasadena based record label Pure Noise Records is proud to announce the signing of the breakout hardcore/metal band Left Behind. The band joins the ranks of the label which also includes acts like Knocked LooseSanctionCounterpartsTerror and other burgeoning bands in the scene.

“We’re all very proud to be signing to Pure Noise. We’ve been into the label and the bands on it for a long time so the choice feels right to us” – Zach Hatfield

In conjunction with the signing announcement, Pure Noise Records has reissued Left Behind’s 2017 critical breakthrough record, Blessed By The Burn, which is available now at iTunes and Spotify.

Hailing from Charleston, West Virginia, Left Behind has been whipping the pit with a new frenzy of commotion since their beginning half a decade ago. The band’s dark, brooding amalgam of hardcore and metal with sludgy breakdowns and blistering riffs calls to memory acts like Harms WayCrowbar and Black Breath. In a few short years the band has amassed a dedicated following and underground buzz with their debut record ‘Seeing Hell’ and subsequent 2017 followup Blessed By The Burn. Now backed by Pure Noise, the band will take their furious music to new brutal heights.