News Posts

You want “More cowbell”? Check out Arlington’s new song for a healthy dose of it!

Atreyu is releasing their next album in a couple of months but offering already 2 singles in advance!

VISTA presents a video for the possible summer alternative hit “Witch Hunt”!

Pure Noise Records signs yet another bombshell of a hardcore act! Left Behind joins the team…

Howard Jones is back under a whole new light with Devil You Know transitioning to Light the Torch!

Satanic black metal from the cold lands of Finland coming your way right now…

Waving the flag of true street rock high! Welcome to the show!

5FDP shows that they’re here to stay with a lyric video for “Ain’t My Last Dance” and are gearing up to take Europe by storm and prove that they’re a force to be reckoned with…

Jay Ray brings us a first single for “Self Resonance” through a music video, get ready to bang your heads!


We had a really cool and relaxed talk with Janne Wirman from Children of Bodom at the end of the European leg of their anniversary tour!

Chatty man with Devin Townsend about Transcendence, the upcoming tour, the future, his love for eighties pop songs , the symphony he is working on, even about his gear and his upcoming Framus customer guitar model. Read it !!!

We talked with Spellgoth and Bobby Undertaker from the wacko industrial/disko metal band Turmion Kätilöt!