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The Swiss atmospheric black outfit AARA unleashed their first track of the upcoming new album in premiere right here!

Swiss deathcore outfit Paleface shared their brand new music video for the fan favorite track ‘Lights Out’, a track from their 2020 album!

Barely a year after releasing one of our favorite black metal albums of 2020, Aara is coming back with yet another release in a couple of months!

Swiss jazz grindcore outfit Convulsif announced their new upcoming album “Extinct” with the reveal of a first track!

Eluveitie unleashed a brand new single and video for “Ambiramus”, check it out!

Mycelia slams social media and fake news with another single in anticipation of their upcoming new album!

“Violent Blues Thrash” from Switzerland!

Thrash out on this exclusive song premiere!

Album Reviews

Forget about Excalibur, forget about the Sword of Power. These are kitchen knives compared to the ‘Might and Power’ of Megaton Sword. The Swiss collective’s second full length after the ‘Niralet’ EP and their much applauded debut ‘Blood Hails Steel, Steel Hails Fire’. Released via Dying Victims Productions on February 24.

Swiss black metal duo Ateiggär on the first studio album “Tyrannemord” incorporates something rare that makes their music one of a kind, this is a great Nordic-inspired piece of a symphonic black metal that comes similar to bands like Kvist. Out via Eisenwald.

Join Glaston in their explorations of the vast and unknown horizons, with the post-rock act’s debut album ‘Inhale / Exhale.’

Protector and Silenius are back with Summoning to be the voice of the dark side of Tolkien’s Middle Earth on “With Doom We Come!”

Killing your idols, then reinterpreting them, then loving them again… Eluveitie made us go through quite some emotions with their new album!

The New Wave Of Folk Meta-… Errr, Rock: Cellar Darling and Eluveitie’s legacy.

uncommon Swissiacs.

Photo Reports

With SOOMA and Zeal & Arodor we got a double set of Swiss bands ready to conquer Europe and an amazing show by 2 bands you simply have to hear, or if possible see live!

Come and check out the awesome pictures we have of the ever cool Celts from Eluveitie and the modern metallists of Amaranthe!

Hard rock all night long! A visual journey…