The girls from Browsing Collection return with the new single “Sugar Slave”

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With their metal influenced punk rock and their enormous drive, Browsing Collection have brought salvation to their audience on stages all over Sweden and while touring South Korea. They are Sweden’s toughest, tightest musical bitchslap and ever since they started playing in 2008 they have decided to keep the control of releasing their music to themselves and instead build their own team, currently including publisher Icons Creating Evil Art, a couple of distributors (physical and digital) and several PR teams.

The band explains: 

”When we released our debut album ‘Greetings From Wonderland’ in 2015, we recorded and mixed everything ourselves. Even if we are really satisfied with how it turned out, we can still feel that we didn’t manage to create a connection between the more genre diverse tracks. Maybe we were not as detailed in set-up and production as we have been this time. Some of the songs we released back then was written when we were like eleven and fourteen years old, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our song writing has changed in ten years.”

Browsing Collection released their EP ‘Don’t Want To Dance’ late 2018, with a heavier and tighter sound than ever before. They managed to really break out to new fans and they got added to several Spotify Playlists. For our review of the release, go here:

A new album is being finished and planned for release late 2019, but before that there are several other exciting things in their pipeline:

As one of eight bands, carefully selected among hundreds of bands nationwide, Browsing Collection will take part in the final of the national radio competition P4 Nästa, where they among other things have the chance to grab a slot in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish part of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The band is breaking ground in the gaming market, teaming up with the successful online game Star Stable under cover of the alias “The Miscreants”.  Star Stable is a unique 3D multiplayer online game full of horses, magic and adventure. Designed for girls between the ages of 8 and 16, Star Stable is driven by the mission to be a platform where girls can come together, share an amazing online experience from horseback, and celebrate sisterhood. Star Stable is available in 14 languages, has 15 million registered users in over 180 countries and half a million active players each month, making it the currently fastest growing horse game in the world. Together, Star Stable and the four strong female musicians behind The Miscreants, also known as the four power houses of Browsing Collection,  want to revolutionize the music and IT industry by pushing strong, female representation.

Sugar Slave is released by Browsing Collection on September 4 in collaboration with Icons Creating Evil Art and Ditto Music.

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