UK’s Consecration sign to Solitude Productions, unveil new album details

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British doom/death ensemble Consecration have just signed to Russian label Solitude Productions (Tyr, Abiotic, Bloodbound). What’s more they’re announcing their upcoming record and second full-length ‘Fragilium‘.

Check out the first single ‘A Sentinel For The Fragile’ from the upcoming doom ‘n’ gloom epic below.

Although it’s been nearly five years since their last full album, it hasn’t been that long since we’d heard from these guys. Last year alone Consecration released a compilation album fittingly titled ‘Remembrance‘ of some pretty varied source material.

Be sure to grab yourself some moody death metal in case you can’t stand the Summer Sun and need something to remind you that there’s more to life than sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. ‘Fragilium‘ hits the shelves on June 28.

1. In Darkened Slumber 
2. A Sentinel For The Fragile 
3. In Somnus Ego Morrior (In My Sleep I Die) 
4. An Elegy For The Departed 
5. To Welcome The Grey

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