Bleed From Within release new single ‘Night Crossing’ featuring Trivum’s Matt Heafy

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With ‘Night Crossing‘ metallic powerhouse Bleed From Within is releasing another glimpse on their new album ‘Fracture‘, which is going to be out on May 29th, 2020 at Century Media. The album is already up for pre-order here.

For the single and official video they got support from Matt Heafy of legendary Trivium. Check it out!

Bleed From Within about the song:

We’ve been eager to share this track since we finished it at the start of the year. This is classic BFW song structure and the groove is strong. Matt from Trivium chips in with such a tasty solo towards the end and he absolutely nails it. We’ve been chatting back and forth with him online for a while then after meeting at a show of theirs during Summer last year, the idea came around to get him involved on a new track. We created an opening and Matt’s part was decided. The video was inspired by the numerous video calls we’ve had amongst ourselves, friends and family since entering lockdown. Something fun during these crazy times. Enjoy!

Bleed From Within are putting the past behind them and positing an overhauled frame of mind on ‘Fracture‘. A recent statement from the Glaswegians aimed to reshape the band’s heretofore struggles:

The doubt and fear that consumed us for years have been replaced with an insatiable hunger to grow as people. We’ve noticed this shift in energy and channeled it into our music. As a result, our new album is the strongest and most uplifting we have ever written.” BFW embodied that statement during the writing and completion of early video single, ‘The End of All We Know’.

For it was this very track that served as a lighthouse for the rest of ‘Fracture‘. The album title may appear to have a negative connotation, but it serves a constructive purpose. The very definition of ‘fracture’ is a ‘break,’ ‘breach,’ or ‘split.’ BFW are fracturing their relationship with “bad old days.” ‘Fracture‘ and the songs contained within are liberation vehicles; the album is ten ways BFW are opening new doors. Like ‘Era‘, they recorded ‘Fracture‘ at the band’s rehearsal/studio space in Glasgow and with Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood at Middle Farm Studios in South Devon.

Check out the details for ‘Fracture‘ below:

1. The End Of All We Know
2. Pathfinder
3. Into Nothing
4. Fall Away
5. Fracture
6. Night Crossing (feat. Matt Heafy)
7. For All To See
8. Ascend
9. Utopia
10. A Depth That No One Dares

Artwork by The Art of David Provan
Produced by Bleed From Within
Engineered by Steven Jones Audio
Mixed by Adam “Nolly” Getgood
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic

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