Bloodred Hourglass unleashes another belter of a track with ‘The End We Start From’

Shortly after playing Greenfield Festival and supporting Nightwish on their Tour, Finland’s melodic death metal unit Bloodred Hourglassis back with a killer of a metal track: “The End We Start From”.

“The End We Start From” takes you to the melancholic Scandinavian soundscape of distinguished Bloodred Hourglass aggression, together with heartfelt lyrics of hope behind adversity.

Formed in 2005, the group consists of vocalist Jarkko Koukonen, drummer Jarkko Hyvönen, bassist Jose Moilanen, and guitarists Lauri Silvonen, Joni Lahdenkauppi, and Eero Silvonen

Currently signed to Out of Line Music, BRHG have released five full-length studio albums: Lifebound (2012), Where the Oceans Burn (2015), Heal (2017), Godsend (2019) and Your Highness (2021), an album which has shown them moving towards a more modernised approach in their sound, bringing in elements from metalcore and alternative metal as well as the introduction of clean vocals for the first time in their history.

Musically, BRHG have always taken influences from various genres. Many of the album reviewers have stated that the band blends into the traditional Swedish Gothenburg melodic death metal sound together with characteristic Finnish metal music melodies. Since the very beginning, all of their songs have been highly guitar driven, but also keyboards play a notable role in most of their songs, varying from orchestrations to sample beats and from modern ambient soundscapes to more classic electronic music sounds.

BRHG‘s vocal style is characterised by the use of growled vocals or screamed vocals complemented at times by clean vocals on their latest releases. Jarkko is also known for his high-pitched scream technique used as an additional nuance. Their lyrics have always had a realism based approach.

With “The End We Start From”, Bloodred Hourglass deliver another perfect example of why their name has become more and more important in the scene. 

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