Brutality over Peer poster complete


Folks, it’s slam time!

A few weeks ago the team behind Brutality Over Belgium announced the second edition of Brutality Over Peer, which will take place  on May 11th, 2019 at The Other Side Live venue in, you guessed it, Peer. Be sure to follow the event and grab your tickets here.

The 2018 edition was a smashing success thanks to the appearances of bands such as Traumatomy, Korpse, Begging for Incest, and Extermination Dismemberment among others.

Next year’s line-up sports Volière (grindcore – BE), Aphotic (death metal – SCO/UK), Pray for Pain (brutal death metal – AT), Visions Of Disfigurement (slam death metal – UK), Scordatura (death metal – SCO/UK), Analepsy (brutal death metal – PT), Parasitic Ejaculation (brutal death metal – US), and Dysentery (death metal/beatdown – US).

This show is part of Dysentery‘s Decapitating Europe Tour which starts May 10th, 2019. To all my European dudes and dudettes, be sure to check them out at one of the following tour dates:

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