Depressed Mode released a new music video – the track features Jarkko Kokko from Mors Principium Est on lead guitars!

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Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode released a new single and music video Dissociation of the Extinguished Mind which features Jarkko Kokko from Mors Principium Est on lead guitars. The track is taken from their upcoming third studio album Decade of Silence which is set to be released on May 6th 2022 via Inverse Records.

“The song is about the breakdown of the mind and how all the traumas come together into one big lump that eventually breaks into pieces. In such a situation, the person of the song no longer is able to keep it together, neither can’t find help in medication or therapy. As a solution, he develops his own world into which he dives, while traveling to the distant stars.

“They tell me I’m cured
They tell me I’m well
I’m still strapped down
This is my Hell.”

A video of the song describes how each of us has our own cross to carry. Sometimes it can weigh so much that you just have to let go of everything. Some survive alone or with the support of friends, and others sink into deep waters. However, it is worth remembering that no one has to be alone, and help is always available.” says the band’s singer Otto Salonen about the content of the song.”

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‘Decade of Silence’ tracklist:

  1. Death Walks Among Us
  2. Endless November
  3. Dissociation of the Extinguished Mind
  4. As the Light Dims
  5. Parasites of Mind
  6. Kaamos (Land of Winter)
  7. Serpents
  8. Eternal Darkness
  9. Aeternus

Depressed Mode was established in 2005 by composer Otto Salonen. Signed a contract with Firebox Records for two albums in 2006. First album “Ghosts Of Devotion” was released in 2007, and received really good reviews throughout the media. The second album “..For Death” released in 2009, was a success, and a step towards more symphonic death/doom metal, with great reviews as well.

Otto Salonen begun composing DM‘s third album in January 2020. The lineup for the new album consists of Otto Salonen, Teemu Heinola, Henri Hakala and Iiro AittokoskiVeronica Bordacchini from Fleshgod Apocalypse took over the female vocals for the third album.

The album was recorded and mixed at Ansa Studio by Teemu Heinola and Otto Salonen during 2021.

In autumn 2021 Depressed Mode signed a deal with Inverse Records for the third album titled “Decade Of Silence”. The album was mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios Helsinki.

Otto Salonen – Vocals and orchestrations
Teemu Heinola – Guitars
Henri Hakala – Bass
Iiro Aittokoski – Drums  

Guest musicians:
Veronica Bordacchini – Vocals (on track 2,4 & 8)
Jarkko Kokko – Lead Guitars (on track 3)

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