DESERTED FEAR release new single and video for “Reborn Paradise”


Today German Melodic Death Metal trio DESERTED FEAR release the second single “Reborn Paradise” taken off their upcoming release “Doomsday”.

Once again Mirko Witzki took over the duties for filming, directing and editing this fantastic new video clip. The video shoot was supported by Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Mödlareuth, providing the perfect scenery for a song that deals with a serious issue of the German past.

Follow the link HERE and check out the video!


“Today we release ‘Reborn Paradise’, another new song from our album ‘Doomsday’, which will be released on March 4th, 2022. For the video shoot we went to a time that seems to be long forgotten, but should never beforgotten!”

Further Simon states, 

“We grew up in a small town in rural Thuringia. Even though we didn’t consciously experience the peaceful revolution and the fall of the inner-German Wall, our socialization took place here. With the stories of the older generation, we also absorbed the spirit of the GDR and the frustration about an authoritarian state in which one thing was thought and something else had to be said.”

Fabian continued,

“For the video shoot, we delved into the history of the GDR dictatorship once again. Unbelievable how small the events were always kept in consideration of many hundreds of killed and thousands of imprisoned people. Minefields and spring guns against the own citizens, this has not been discussed enough with our generation. Moreover, a part of our society seems to have already forgotten what freedom of speech and the freedom to travel meant in the GDR…”.

Mahne further adds, 

“What happens in wars and at borders seems far away to many people in our country and it is alarming how people talk about refugees without empathy. People die at borders, on the run and in the hope of a better life, then as now!”

DESERTED FEAR’s brand-new masterpiece was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band’s very own Fabian Hildebrandt at Eisensound Studio and “Doomsday” consists of two intro tracks and nine powerful melodic death songs with the following track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Part Of The End
3. Idols Of Triumph
4. Follow The Light That Blinds
5. Fall From Grace
6. At Its End
7. Reborn Paradise
8. The One Desire
9. Call Of Emptiness
10. Voices Of Fire
11. Doomsday

The album’s first-pressing Ltd. CD Digipak edition comes with a special drink coaster and the previously released singles “Funeral Of The Earth” and “Artifacts Of The Black Rain” as bonus tracks. The album’s LP editions comes on 180g vinyl, with a Gatefold sleeve and including an A2-sized poster. These are the available variants and limitations for the LP format:

  • Ltd. Gatefold black LP & Poster – Unlimited
  • Ltd. Gatefold dark green LP & Poster – 300x copies
  • via CM Distro & Webshop Europe
  • Ltd. Gatefold transp. light blue LP & Poster – 300x copies via EMP      
  • Ltd. Gatefold Colored Re-Vinyl LP & Poster – 300x copies via Band

Doomsday” can already be pre-ordered, so make sure to get your copy of the album and also listen to the digital version of the new songs HERE

DESERTED FEAR’s previous studio album “Drowned By Humanity” was released in February 2019 worldwide via Century Media Records and achieved to enter the official album sales charts on position # 20 in Germany upon release. The album as well as the band’s back catalogue can still be purchased HERE and HERE

(From left to right on photo)
Manuel “Mahne” Glatter – Vocals/Guitar
Fabian Hildebrandt – Guitar
Simon Mengs – Drums


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