GRIMM’s Albums of the Year 2018

As every year, we arrived at the moment that we put the musical taste of every member of our team together to compile what we want to put forward as some of the best releases of the year. It gives us a list with a nice diversity in genres and bands (from “big ones” to “underground”) and hopefully covers most of the releases that are worth spending some time on listening to. So without further-ado… here is GRIMM’s list of albums of the year 2018!


3. Judas Priest – Firepower

If you thought that the oldies in the metal music scene are dead and gone and are only good for farewell tours anymore, you are dead wrong. One band this year that proved this with much conviction, was the legendary Judas Priest. With Firepower they delivered a piece of classic heavy metal that rivals some of their old top releases in vigor and quality. And everywhere they mounted the stage to bring their show to music fans across the world, they brought one message: “The Priest is back!”

Read the interview we had with bassist and only remaining original member Ian Hill here:


2. Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit

Last year Zeal & Ardor rose to the top of our “albums of the year” with the re-release of Devil is Fine. An album where black metal, blues, gospel, soul,… got mixed into something new and raw. Seemingly taking the world by storm with this unique project, a sophomore release was in the works and got released this year. With the smallest of margins Zeal & Ardor didn’t get the top spot, but this is still a damn exciting release! This one was worked out more as a complete band instead of it being the solo project of Manual Gagneux, who is of course still the main man of the outfit. Some more poppy and catchy elements were added, but the overall structure of black metal mixed with blues, soul and gospel got more solidified, proving that this wasn’t just a one-trick pony. On some of the songs Manuel actually sounded more harsh and brutal than we’ve heard of him before! Besides that, throughout Zeal & Ardor has been praised for their live performances, describing it as an almost religious experience you have to experience at least once in your life!



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