London’s sludge unit SŪRYA reveal album details!

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London sludge metal outfit SŪRYA return with their sophomore album to be released July 26th. The band’s brand of atmospheric post-metal is driven by solemn riffs and gloomy percussion. Their music is equal parts the torrential heaviness of bands like Corrupted (Jap) and Neurosis, with shades of Amebix’s desolate crust and the heart-rending atmospherics of Wolves In The Throne Room.

Unlike its instrumental predecessor Apocalypse A.D., the upcoming album Solastalgia sees SŪRYA expand on their sound, adding their own spoken word as well as sparse vocals. Today the band is finally sharing details of their new album, and reveal the cover-art and tracklist.

The band says: 

“Our new album Solastalgia picks up where Apocalypse AD left off. Solastalgia refers to the psychic distress that we feel in the face of environmental disaster. We wrote these songs as an outpouring of that pain we feel in the face of the destruction of our planet. As a lament for the loss of its innocent creatures. And as an expression of melancholy at the seemingly endless acts of injustice that surround us. But also in the hope that together, through solidarity, we can fight through the murk of despair and find a way out. We are hugely grateful to have worked again with Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse studio on the recording. We also want to say a huge thank you to both Danni M Rudie for her incredible cover-artwork, and Birdy Artwork for her always beautiful artwork for the liner.”

Solastalgia Tracklisting:

  1. Anthropocene
  2. The Purpose
  3. Fenland
  4. Black Snake Prophecy
  5. Saviours

Just recently, SŪRYA premiered songs from their upcoming album at Desertfest London. With further tours to be announced later in the year, the band will first be appearing for dates with fellow London sludge merchants Torpor this July. Set for release July 26th on Argonauta Records, watch out for pre-order info, much more news, as well as album tunes to be revealed in the days ahead!

Raquel – drums
Greg – guitar
Mark – bass
Bartek – guitar

SŪRYA live:
18.07.19 UK Yeovil – Chicago’s
19.07.19 UK Cosmic Carnage – Cardiff, w/ Torpor
20.07.19 UK Bristol, w/ The Obsessed, Alunah, Gonga, Torpor & More
21.07.19 UK Doomlines – Sheffield, w/ The Body, Cattle, Bast, Torpor, Leechfeast & More

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