SIR REG send out a reminder that even enemies feel compassion for each other with new single ‘The Kings Of Sweet Feck All’

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In a world of uncertainty, there’s few things that will lift your spirits like a raucous, rollicking, rambunctious slice of Celtic folk/punk, and Swedish/Irish sextet SIR REG are more than happy to oblige! Formed by Irishman Brendan Sheehy, who left his home-town of Dublin and headed to Sweden with a guitar and a dream – to put together the most amazing band possible.

Boasting songs that bring together everything from the issues of modern day society to finding the right bar on a Saturday night, powered by strong melodies and irresistible energy. Add to the mix an explosive live show and it’s easy to see why, SIR REG have a formidable reputation in the Celtic punk and rock scene. Since the fledgling band burst onto the scene in 2009 they have released five critically acclaimed albums and have performed on many of Europe’s biggest stages alongside bands like The Mahones, The Misfits, Thin Lizzy and The Real McKenzies.

2022 sees the band return with album number six, the quite remarkable ‘Kings of Sweet Feck All’. On which the band continue to stand with those struggling to make their voices and their opinions heard, bolstered by songs of grit and passion, without ever losing sight of the underdog spirit.

 ‘The Kings Of Sweet Feck All’ is the second single and title track from the album, out on April 1st via Despotz Records (following ‘Open the Pubs’ which was released in mid January) and the band explain that it’s a song of compassion:

“Sometimes people follow the flock and go along with things just because they feel they have to!
This song is about a bunch of British soldiers raiding the home of an Irish family during the war of independence. The soldiers didn’t want to be there, but it was their job and their duty.
A reminder that even enemies feel compassion for each other.

12.03 – Shamrock Fest, Washington D.C. (US)
19.03 – Thyon St. Patrick’s Day, Thyon (CH)

02.04 – Schallmeier & Konsorten, Hamburg (DE)
03.04 – TASK/Hafenverein, Hameln (DE)
04.04 – Südrock, Essen (DE)
05.04 – Whisky’s, Osnabrück
06.04 – Druckluft, Oberhausen (DE)
07.04 – Subrosa, Dortmund (DE)
08.04 – Wild At Heart, Berlin (DE)
09.04 – The Buchholz Saloon, Altlandsberg (DE)
10.04 – Scruffy’s, Karlsruhe (DE)
11.04 – Kreativfabrik, Wiesbaden (DE)
12.04 – Blau, Mannheim (DE)
14.04 – Brasserie de Framont, Grandfontaine (FR)
15.04 – MieV, Geislingen (DE)
16.04 – Eldorado Bar, Biel (CH)

06.05 – AZ, Ottersberg (DE)
07.05 – Rock at the Cow Pond, Deutzen (DE)


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