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Beyond Creation are thinking of all of us stuck at home by gifting us this live footage of ‘Surface’s Echoes’.

The gore metal masters of Exhumed are gearing up to unleash hell upon you again with a new record!


A list of the top albums of 2018, dominated by tech death releases!

Album Reviews

Diluvium is a well-crafted by these German adepts who have created a ground breaking album


On the 8th of November, Dying Fetus played at JC De Klinker in Aarschot. I got the chance to have a chat with John Gallagher about the new album and being on tour.

Gig Reports

On the 8th of November, Dying Fetus destroyed JC De Klinker in Aarschot together with Disentomb, Beyond Creation and Psycroptic.