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SABATON release new 2-track single “Kingdom Come/Metal Trilogy”

Sabaton unleashes the Manowar cover 'Kingdom Come' together with 'Metal Trilogy', collecting their fan favorite "metal" tracks!

Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron

“Ravening Iron” is more than an embodiment of 80s heavy metal. The band has conveyed surreal art that draws life from the ancient mythologies of magic and dragons.

Official Announcement Hellfest 2019

Here we go again! Bloody Hell!

Genus Ordinis Dei reveal new video & single for Manowar cover ‘Hail and Kill’

Genus Ordinis Dei honor the Kings of Metal Manowar with a cover of "Hail and Kill"

Ross the Boss – By Blood Sworn

Heavy metal with its arms and legs into many more genres.

Asenblut – Legenden

Asenblut's last EP came out in February and was called Legenden, find out what we thought here!

Crystal Viper – Queen Of The Witches

All hail the queen!

Civil War – The Last Full Measure

With a rebel yell more, more, more