News Posts

Greek psychedelic, progressive black metal unit Hail Spirit Noir are returning with new studio album ‘Fossil Garden’ at the end of this month, to be released via Agonia Records, and share a new single with ‘Curse You, Entropia’!

Blut Aus Nord unleashed a visual interpretation of the ‘Nameless Rites’ track, from their latest album ‘Disharmonium – Nahab’, recently released via Debemur Morti Productions!

The mysterious French black metal entity Blut Aus Nord unveiled the sinister track ‘The Endless Multitude’, the first of their upcoming album ‘Disharmonium – Nahab’, set for release in August via Debemur Morti!

French black metal pioneers Blut Aus Nord shared the details of their upcoming next part of their ‘Disharmonium’ series with ‘Nahab’, set for release in July via Debemur Morti Productions.

Finnish psychedelic/avant-garde black metal outfit Henget unleashed their 2nd single ‘Henkivallat’ from the upcoming ‘Beyond North Star’ debut album, set for release in May via Season of Mist!

Polish shapeshifters Entropia, mixing psychedelic black metal with krautrock, electronics and sludge, announced their 4th album ‘Total’ to be unleashed upon the world in March 2023 via Agonia Records!

Oranssi Pazuzu has a full slab of cosmic psychedelia ready for this world again and will be sharing it through Nuclear Blast later this year!

Photo Reports

Pictures of Imperial Triumphant, Electric Callboy and Urne on the third day of Tuska 2023.

Pictures of the 2nd day of Tuska 2023 with Oranssi Pazuzu, Reckless Love, VLTIMAS, Stam1na, Blind Channel, Amorphis, Baroness and Mercyful Fate.

Festival Reports

Report of the last Tuska 2023 day with shows from Imperial Triumphant, Lorna Shore, Electric Callboy, The Hu, Urne and Ghost!

The 2nd day brought us massive shows of Oranssi Pazuzu, Reckless Love, Vltimas, Stam1na, Blind Channel, Amorphis, Baroness and Mercyless Fate!