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Rob Zombie unleashes a groovy rocker as the second single of his upcoming new album, channeling old school White Zombie vibes!

The iconic Rob Zombie uses Halloween to announce his upcoming new album and release a first single!

Is something crazy going on at the Hellfest area?

GRIMM & Chill

The last installment of Rob Zombie’s Devil Rejects movie series might very well be the perfect time killer on All Hallows Eve…

‘The Devil’s Rejects’ is Rob Zombie’s superior follow-up to ‘House of 1000 Corpses’. A great slash and gore gem to watch during Halloween!

Not sure what to watch for Halloween? How about (re)visiting Rob Zombie’s directorial debut?


Festival Reports

The very last day of Belgium’s biggest yearly metal event with the very last (we promise) show of Kiss!

Photo Reports

As a very welcome and juicy extra to the already amazing Hellfest 2019: Knotfest France!