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Black metal outfit Aara unveiled album details of the concluding part of the ‘Triade’ trilogy and a first track with ‘Emphase der Seelenpein’. ‘Triade III: Nyx’ is set for release in March via Debemur Morti Productions!

The Swiss atmospheric black outfit AARA unleashed their first track of the upcoming new album in premiere right here!

Swiss deathcore outfit Paleface shared their brand new music video for the fan favorite track ‘Lights Out’, a track from their 2020 album!

Swiss jazz grindcore outfit Convulsif announced their new upcoming album “Extinct” with the reveal of a first track!

Cellar Darling is casting a spell over Europe coming Fall!

Eluveitie unleashed a brand new single and video for “Ambiramus”, check it out!

Mycelia slams social media and fake news with another single in anticipation of their upcoming new album!

“Violent Blues Thrash” from Switzerland!

Album Reviews

Heavy metal rules! And the Burning Witches are keeping the fire hot and blazing!

Protector and Silenius are back with Summoning to be the voice of the dark side of Tolkien’s Middle Earth on “With Doom We Come!”

The New Wave Of Folk Meta-… Errr, Rock: Cellar Darling and Eluveitie’s legacy.

Black metal with Delta blues… yes, you read it right!

Hallowed Be Thy Ink

Hallowed be thy ink talks about the magic combination between metal and tattoos. In this column we share the stories of people with metal- and/or band tattoos, why they got them and how this band/music style made them stronger. Furthermore, we talk with metal artists about every aspect of their inks and tattoo art in […]