The Rock Fest 2018

Since last year Finland is yet another big rock and metal event richer. The Rock Fest immediately caught the attention of people all over the country and far beyond those borders with big names like Rammstein and Evanescence gracing the line-up. Despite quite a few obvious flaws and bugs in the organisation, it was an overwhelming succes and they quickly announced an even bigger event of this time 4 days on a brand new location. Of course we had to be there to see if they improved on certain things and if this would be a legendary festival in the making…

Day 2 – 07/06/2018
Lost Society Judas Priest Sonata Arctica Happoradio Children of Bodom
Millencolin CMX Beast In Black Von Hertzen Brothers Shiraz Lane
Twilight Force
After Party
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Judas Priest

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