Nemesea – Uprise

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The Dutch band Nemesea is a quite familiar name for a lot of people within the female fronted band fandom. In their almost 15 years of existence, they evolved from the typical symphonic metal to more alternative rock/metal oriented music with a touch of electronic. Now, 5 years after their last release they show up with Uprise, their second one on Napalm Records.

From the first track Hear Me on, they deliver highly catchy and quite easy digestible alternative (hard) rock. The opening guitar riffs immediately get your attention and will probably make you move along to the music already. After just about 10 seconds the beautiful voice of Manda Ophuis pops up, reminiscent of some of the most well-known female voices in the metal and rock scene. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vocals alone make you think of for instance Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) or Amy Lee (Evanescence). In combination with the catchy music, the comparison with later work of Lacuna Coil isn’t that farfetched really, though Nemesea brings a more rock-oriented style. The support by electronic beats and music could also make you think of the The Unforgiven release by country mates Within Temptation.

The earlier mentioned opener Hear Me is a really fun up tempo rock song that is one of my favorites with a little bridge where there’s the possibility of a nice live interaction with the crowd. Some other similar songs with quite an infectious beat and tempo to it are Time To Make It, Can’t Believe It and Get Out. With the first one being driven a bit more by the electronic beat/sample, the second in my opinion -besides quite some of the songs- being a perfect song to get some airplay on alternative or even more commercial radio channels. There’s even a moment where the guys dig up their voices for a bit of backing vocals in which they somehow made me think of Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars. But even when they take the tempo all the way down and get really sensitive and intimate like in Let It Burn and Light Up The Sky, they manage to stay interesting.

If I had to say something negative it would be that there’s not really anything new or original. But that’s not something that is a must really, as long as it’s done right. And I can assure you that Nemesea is on top of their game on Uprise. Like I said already, fans of Evanescence and more recent work of Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation will find this album a really nice addition to their collection. I think this could possibly be the record that gets them a breakthrough if it gets properly picked up by the media. And they should, cause Nemesea deserves it with the quality of their accessible, catchy but still alternative and interesting rock songs. I’m going for a 7,5/10 here, good luck with your new baby!

Release date: April 29th, 2016
Label: Napalm Records
1. Hear Me
2. Twilight
3. Forever
4. Let It Burn
5. Time To Make It
6. Can’t Believe It
7. Light Up The Sky
8. Get Out
9. Bones
10. Hold On