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Belgian metal band Tim’s Favourite unveils another track from their upcoming new album with “A Deeper Advantage”!

Belgian death/thrash outfit Reject The Sickness is back with a second single of their upcoming new album “While Our World Dissolves”!

And what a line-up it is!

The dutch death metal band Bring On The Bloodshed has released their first official vidoclip for ‘Into the Labyrinth, the third track of their second album ‘Amongst the Ruins’ which was released earlier this year. You can find the review of their CD right here. Sit back, relax and enjoy Into the Labyrinth:

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Dutch symphonic metallers Delain are on tour to present their new album “Dark Waters”, released earlier this year via Napalm Records, and we caught them on stage at De Casino in Belgium with the support of label mates Xandria!

Infected Rain

Infected Rain came back to Belgium a second time this year on their “Heyday tour 2023”, the place to be was DVG Club in Kortrijk, accompanied by warm up act All Hail the Yeti!


We were able to talk to Astrid from Belgian symphonic death outfit Inhuman to hear her out about the new album!

A talk with Kobra about “Prevail” and the tour…

Interview with Vicky Psarakis from The Agonist about their latest album “Five”, herself and recent changes they’ve been through.

Album Reviews

Get ready for dancing and singing!

An overview of 15 years of German medieval folk rock!

The second doom record by Swedish The Order Of Israfel

Let yourself drift off to higher planes with a cascade of beauty and art…

Old school thrash with touches of death from Brazil…

3 dudes and 2 girls from Canada on a mission to melt your face off…

Stoners from Down Under satisfying your need for fuzz!

Circle pit-inducing, Californian groove metal household name DevilDriver is back with their 7th album!

Dutch Nemesea delivers you a dose of highly addictive and catchy alternative rock with a touch of electronic!