ALEKHINE’S GUN meditates on death in new song “Ngepar Chiwa”

New York’s blackened, death metal juggernaut ALEKHINE’S GUN have released the second single, “Ngepar Chiwa” (Certain Death), from their forthcoming EP, Year of the Lazarus. Revealed first at, the song decimates with a sonic eruption neck-snapping cacophony steeped in brutal riffs and vicious vocals.

ALEKHINE’S GUN‘s inimitable vocal powerhouse Jessica Pimentel explains the meaning behind the single: 

“Ngepar Chiwa: A brief and effective meditation on death.
Death is the one common denominator that pervades all existence. As most of us get bogged down with all the worldly goals, desires and fears of human life, How often do we sit and contemplate our own Death? In Tibetan Buddhism we focus, meditate on and practice our own death on a daily basis. Nothing in this world is yours. Even your own body will betray you. At the moment of death you will lose everything. This moment can come at any time. Constantly reminding yourself of your impermanence causes a radical shift in one’s mind stream freeing you from attachments, hatred, greed and fear which cause daily suffering and helps you reevaluate what is truly important. By becoming friends with death we are able to live a more perfect life. By eliminating the fear of the unknown we can have a peaceful death, which not only benefits ourselves by helping us to easily reach our next plane of existence properly but helps ease the minds and suffering that we cause by our departure from those who love us.”

 “Ngepar Chiwa” follows the band’s previous single “21,” which is also featured on Year of the Lazarus that will be released at a future date.

Stream “21“:

ALEKHINE’S GUN blends elements of thrash, black metal and death metal with subtle undertones and nods to New York hardcore of the 90’s and all things extreme. In this unique combination they have unlocked a captivating sound and style and created a feel that is notable and recognizably their own.

“We are Alekhine’s Gun from Brooklyn, New York. This is who we are. This is what we do.”

Alekhine’s Gun Current Lineup:
Jessica Pimentel “The Crusher” (Everybody Gets Hurt/Desolate) – Vocals
Jeff Martinez (Desolate) – Guitar
Dan Martinez (King Hell) – Bass
Leo Mattei (Desolate / Over the Top) – Guitar
Andrew Czegledi (Lies Beneath) – Drums

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