Belgian death doom metallers My Lament unveiled ‘November’ single


Belgian death-doom metallers MY LAMENT have signed to Ardua Music for the release of their first full-length in over a decade. “The Season Came Undone” is due out September 22nd 2023.

Last Friday, the band shared the first single, “November”, in the form of a lyric video. Watch it HERE.


1. Everything Goes to Waste
2. My Mausoleum
3. Fallacy
4. Like Fallen Rain
5. Oh, Fall
6. Dying of the Light
7. Like Something Almost Being Said (Instrumental)
8. November
9. Life Will Be the Death of Me (2023 Remaster)

After two successful releases, “Broken Leaf” (2009, Solitude Productions) and “Sorrow” (2015), the band have honed their underground roots into a more accessible sound with an emphasis on concise songwriting and memorable melodies.

The upcoming new album “The Season Came Undone” (nine tracks, 51 minutes) reflects the band’s ambition to reach a wider audience without giving up their doom/death heritage. With unique vocal harmonies, soaring leads, a pounding rhythm section and thoughtful lyrics, MY LAMENT has matured into a forward-thinking foursome that doesn’t sound quite like any other band.

Watch for more singles and news on other upcoming MY LAMENT activities to be posted shortly.

Steph – bass
Vincent – drums
Paul – guitars
Robrecht – vocals & guitars

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