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The rise of a genre: melodic death metal

Join our author in an exploration of the history of one of metal's most popular genre's today: melodic death metal.

Spoil Engine is “Doomed to Die”

An extra taste of upcoming "Stormsleeper"

Releases to look forward to… April 2017

This month seems to be way more extreme than the past ones...

A second Belgian exclusive Comaniac single!

Thrash for coal and destruction!

Metal for Autism

Metal for Autism

An in-dept talk about a wonderful project!

Releases to look forward to… March 2017

Ready to empty that wallet?

Exclusive Comaniac song premiere!

Thrash out on this exclusive song premiere!

Killswitch Engage

A lengthy talk about the past, present and future with Jesse and his take on politics, beer and hardcore...

GRIMM’s Albums of the Year 2016

A bit of everything, but all high quality stuff!

Bullet For My Valentine

A talk about the new single, the new album and music of course!