Category: Rock

Shiraz Lane Interview

We had a talk in the sun about beer, hard rock, peace and love with Hannes and Ana from the band...

Kobra And The Lotus signed to Napalm Records

Exciting news for and from the band!

Man With A Mission Interview

We sat down with the man-wolves? wolf-men? of MWAM to figure out what their mission is all about...

Singer Manda Ophuis quits Nemesea

Sudden sad news for the fans...

Preview Roadkill Festival 2016

Rock 'n' Roll around the clock at the 10th edition of Roadkill Festival!

Nightqueen presents their new singer

Nightqueen has someone new to introduce!

Wild Lies

Take a Belgian dip with the Wild Lies!

Interview Sixx:A.M.

Get to know the old and the new James Michael.


Interview with a Belgian glam band who believes they were conceived on the Sunset Strip in 1984!

Walter Pietsch – Once You Rock, Never Forget

Walt's solospel na AXXIS van Duitse bodem.