Category: Synth

Synth doom collective CIRCLE OF SIGHS shares new video clip for “Narci”!

Occult synth doom outfit Circle of Sighs released the first crushing track from their upcoming album 'Narci'!

The Lion’s Daughter release brand new track of forthcoming album ‘Skin Show’

The Lion's Daughter unleash yet another scathing track from their upcoming album 'Skin Show'! Check it out!

AROGYA released their second video single ‘Dust’ from the upcoming album ‘Genesis’

Assam/India based synth rock outfit Arogya released the second single 'Dust' from their upcoming album 'Genesis'!

Synth squad Glaare released their new single ‘Young Hell’!

Los Angeles synth squad Glaare released the first new single 'Young Hell' of their upcoming album 'Your Hellbound Heart'!

PERTURBATOR announced new album and unveiled first single & video

Perturbator unveils a first look at his upcoming release with the single 'Death of the Soul'! Check out to get a taste of it!

Druadan Forest/Old Sorcery split

Dust off your D20s and prepare yourself for a journey to the magical realm of Middle Earth on this split between the necromancers of Druadan Forest and Old Sorcery.

Schemer Heer – The Dragon, His Angels and the Exaltation of Death

Schemer Heer is the new dungeon synth project by Maurice de Jong, well known for one of his other projects: Gnaw Their Tongues.

Another 10 top albums from 2020 according to Wim

Not including these records in my top 2020 was just too painful.

Wim’s albums of the year 2020

Our editor-in-chief Wim brings us yet again releases that are heavy as fuck with his albums of the year list! Hold on to your seats!