Chalice is 20 years and celebrates with a new album and (release) party!

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The place of conception of Chalice is in former venue “The Steeple” in Waregem, West Flanders, Belgium. During a gig in March 1998 plans were made… and it didn’t stay at just plans. Exactly a year later, on March 20th, 1999, a first live show took place. In 2002 they recorded 5 original tracks for the first time.

Throughout the years and because of several reasons band members came and went, but the drive to continue was always bigger than the dismay. Different line-ups led clearly to changes in sound and style, but there has always been a musical and lyrical mix of frenzy, annoyance and disappointment.

After 20 years of heights and lows the band is still standing. Chalice has a history and experience, but are looking definitely towards the future. Those who always look back, will fall flat on their face.

2018 is the year in which the quintet wants to highlight their own perseverance and stubbornness: Chalice is 20 years old and that momentum seemed ideal to release some new work. So 2018 will also be the year of a new album: Ashes of Hope.

Recordings started in September last year. At the Midas Recording Studio (in Lokeren) they worked on recording 8 tracks in several phases. Tony de Block was turning the buttons in the right direction, as he also did for the predecessor There Is Nothing. He made sure to create the best circumstances to end up with a musical documentation that puts down what Chalice stands for anno 2018: heavy, fierce, angry… but also musical music.

Being 20 years old and releasing a new record can’t just pass by unnoticed. The band is organizing an event themselves on Saturday April 21st in JC Tranzit in Kortrijk (Nelson Mandelaplein 17).

That night doors will open at 20h00. Fragmentum and Growing Horns will warm up the crowd, after which Chalice will present the new album, combined with selected older work. Hairs loose, teeth clenched, sometimes withheld and eyes closed… waiting for doom, knowing that things will never be ok again: Ashes of Hope.

They hope that with the new record, they’ll get noticed in their roots, the underground of the Flemish metal scene, but also more on the surface of bigger events and other countries… maybe even a label or booking agency. Their music crushes on a record, but you have to have seen it live… with or without earplugs.

Pieter Dewulf: vocals
Nicolas Bruggeman: guitar
Tim de Smedt: guitar
Niels Verbeke: drum
Chris Lagrange: bass