CHUGGER ‘s album “Of Man And Machine” & ‘Flatline’ official video are out today!

Chugger‘s album “Of Man And Machine” is out today on all major digital stores and streaming services. The physical release date is TBA.

Robert says:

We are super excited to finally let you hear our new album!
‘OF MAN AND MACHINE’ is without a doubt the pinnacle of everything Chugger‘s ever done, and when the time came to record the material we’ve written for the album, the choice was simple; Obsidian Recording Studios and Studio Fredman (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, to name a few). We’ve worked with these heavy hitters for a few songs previously so we knew the result was going to be great and if you haven’t noticed, we are really proud of this album – and I think the listener will understand why!

There are nine killer songs on the album, each deserving of a video of their own – but for now, enjoy the final video in the our gore/splatter tribute called ‘Flatline’. Even though our fans are used to seeing blood and gore, due to the graphical nature of the video we decided that two versions of it would probably be best… See if you can spot the differences?

Hope you like the album and – if you’d like – support us by purchasing the album and/or other merch!

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For the occasion the band unleashed their official video for the track “Flatline”!!

The band stated:

You’ve met the assistant – prepare to meet the doctor! ‘Flatline’ is part two of two videos that follow in the footsteps of classic gore and splatter movies, and we really bring it home with this one! This is not for the faint of heart – we’re taking the death in groove death metal quite literally in this series…

Cast: The Chugger boys
Filmed by: Josie Gao and Theo Hultberg
Edited by: Death Groove Productions
Lights and atmosphere: Nzone Audio & Lights
Special FX: (Lars Carlsson) and Death Groove Productions
Filmed on location at Kolgruvan, Gothenburg, 2020.

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