CONSVMER share new single & video “Weltbild”

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Consvmer explore toxic behaviors and abusive associations on their new single “Weltbild” (World View). Their fifth single is taken from the album “Obsession“, out on February 18th via Out Of Line Music! With the song “Weltbild“, Consvmer wants to clarify that there are still people who take advantage of their position to realize their goals and don’t care how many human lives are harmed. 

“The song “Weltbild” thematizes the slavery in the history of mankind and the abuse of positions of power, whereby various cultural groups were oppressed, persecuted, and slaughtered,”  states the band.

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The band’s lyrics on the album “Obsession” are written socio-critically and reflect the deep threatening mood in the songs so deliberately. Consvmer want to create an extreme dark feeling with their music that is intended to make the listeners reflect:

“Musically we didn’t set any limits for this album and mix different genres like deathcore, beatdown, alternative, and metalcore to create a new unique sound.”

In their first album, “Obsession“, Consvmer addresses the worst crimes of humankind, putting themselves in the heads of serial killers, slavery advocates, and tyrants to try and have a glimpse at their sick obsession. The lyrics are very socially critical and reflect the deep, disturbing mood of the songs. The band wanted to create an extreme feeling of darkness in the listener’s head with this album. Musically no limits have been set. The band goes back and forth between Deathcore, beatdown, alternative metal, and metalcore, aiming to create a unique new sound for themselves. Obsession is the band’s most complex and most emotional work to date. It represents two years of hard work and will begin a new chapter.

Album Tracklist:
In meinem Himmel
Erklärt Euch
Die letzte Brücke
Für eure Tyrannen

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Dennis Ackermann – Vocals
Daniel Fischer – bass & guitar
Dennis Fischer – drums

Consvmer online:

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