Finnish death metal troop Decaying announce new EP “Beyond A Distant Front”

Nearly two years following the release of their critically lauded fifth album “Shells Will Fall”, Finnish death-metal troop Decaying now return to the front with a new EP titled “Beyond A Distant Front”.

Featuring two new tracks along with three live tracks recorded in 2018, during their first live show with the current line-up, “Beyond A Distant Front” sees the Finns returning to the more old-school death-metal approach of their early works, blasting a heavy and pummeling death-metal influenced by the likes of Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and Pestilence. “Beyond A Distant Front” is tentatively set for release in November on tape via Into It Records, more details and pre-orders will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, a video for a new song titled “The Hell of Verdun” is now playing at this location.

Decaying – Beyond a Distant Front
01 – Beyond a Distant Front
02 – The Hell of Verdun
03 – To Cross the Line (live 2018)
04 – A Crucial Factor (live 2018)
05 – Operation Citadel (live 2018)

Matias Nastolin – Guitars, Vocals
Henri Hirvonen – Guitars
Sebastian Bergman – Bass
Olli Törrönen – Drums

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