Interview with Vicky Psarakis from The Agonist about their latest album “Five”, herself and recent changes they’ve been through.

On the last day of Tuska Open Air 2016 we got the chance to have a talk with Jaska Raatikainen, drummer and co-founder of Children Of Bodom. We were nervously waiting in the rain next to the main stage to be picked up by the promo manager. We were brought to a small building behind […]

We had a talk with Ricardo Amorim from Moonspell!

About black metal, being a sociopath and hate…

We talked with Spellgoth and Bobby Undertaker from the wacko industrial/disko metal band Turmion Kätilöt!

That’s all folks!

A fun chat with our own super heroes Hootsman and Angus McFife!

Skindred already played MetalDays in 2015 and they’re back at the top of the bill! We sat down for a chat with singer Benji and bass guitarist Daniel.

Changes with ups and downs but always an ‘up’ for Painful.

A chat with Cristiano about being on the road, Italy and being different!